Hex Blend

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Our Hex Blend will capture your interest if light sweet roasts appeal to you. Roasted in a ’third wave’ style,  with our Hex Blend we seek to highlight the sweet brightness that’s possible in some coffees while moderating the mid-tone mellowness that results in a smooth finish to counter that up-front brightness. We also find floral tones and berry notes rounding out our Hex Blend - give it a try and it may just cast it’s spell on you!

 Hex signs are a form of PA Dutch folk art commonly found in Pennsylvania Dutch country. They are rich with symbolism, from the design to the color patterns. In the mid-19th century, they were used as barn decoration and thought to ward off evil.


  • Floral, candy-like aromatics
  • Juicy body
  • Sweet, berry-like acidity

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