in Lancaster County

About Us

We’ve been small batch roasting quality coffees in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for over a decade now. Whether it be our Vintage Blend, Lancaster Blend, or our ever popular Starbarn Blend – you know you’ll be enjoying a handcrafted cup of coffee every time.

We’re from a community where “made well” matters. Lancaster’s deep traditions of handcrafted quality, appreciation of the harvest and respect for the farmer are in every handful of beans we roast. We’re a family committed to these traditions.

A family owned business, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters endlessly pursues their passion for the perfect cup. It starts with sourcing the best beans from communities around the globe. We then carefully prepare them, achieving the desired roast. The result? A culinary delight that we hope reminds you of Lancaster County.

Our Coffee is...

Prepared in Small Batches

Hand Blended

Hand Packed

Packaged "Hot"

Sourced from Small Farms

Our Company Is

Family Owned

Customer Focused

Coffee Lovers

Hard Working

Continually Growing