Brew U: How to Get Perfect Coffee Using a Best Keurig or Single Brew Machine Coffee

People love Keurig coffee machines, and it's no wonder. Single-brew machines offer a fast, convenient way to get a cup of coffee. They are perfect for group settings or offices when everyone wants something a little different. But while it's easy to make a cup of coffee using a Keurig, there are some secrets to ensuring your coffee is the best it can be every time.

With this brewing method, the ratios are already calculated for you, so you don't have to worry about how to grind beans or how much to use. Keurig and other single-brew machines usually offer a few different cup-size options. Make sure your coffee mug is big enough for your selection. And remember that choosing a smaller size will produce a more potent brew while opting for a larger cup size will result in a smoother but weaker coffee.


These machines are so simple, it's easy to forget that they get dirty, even slimy, over time. But regular cleaning is required not only to improve the taste but also for health reasons. Clean the drip tray, water reservoir, and the K-Cup holder weekly. If the machine is used throughout the day in a commercial setting, daily cleaning is recommended. Check manufacturer's instructions before placing any components in a dishwasher.

Single brew machines feature a needle that punctures the brew cup. Over time, this needle can get blocked. When this happens, use a clean paperclip or a manufacturer-approved needle-cleaning tool.

Once you have a clean machine, you're ready to brew. Remember that coffee has just two ingredients - water and coffee. If you're using Lancaster County Coffee single brew cups, you're starting with excellent coffee. But the kind of water you use will also affect the experience. Fresh filtered water contributes to a cleaner coffee profile. If your water has any flavor, it will affect how the brew tastes and may even make it metallic or bitter.

Start by preheating your single-brew machine. Turn the machine on five minutes before brewing to allow it time to reach the optimal brewing temperature of 195-205°F. If you don't factor in a few minutes for warm up, your brew will be slower, and your brewed coffee may be marginally cooler.


When you brew one cup at a time, the coffee can get cold quickly. Avoid this by warming up your cup by filling it with very hot tap water. Once the outside of the mug is warm to the touch, discard the water and begin the brewing process. An insulated mug is another way to keep your coffee hotter longer.

And remember that no matter how you brew it, coffee is at its best when freshly brewed. So don't delay. Drink and enjoy!



Written by Lancaster County Coffee

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