Drink to Impress:  Astonishing Coffee and Food Pairings

Coffee junkies know that a cup of joe is more than just a quick energy boost in the morning. Besides a rich, earthy aroma, coffee boasts tons of intriguing health and weight loss benefits. Thanks to coffee’s powerful antioxidant activity, scientists link it to a longer life and better well being. Plus, it keeps your brain healthy, protects your DNA, reduces the risk of diabetes, supports liver health, and can even ward off heart disease.

However, guzzling the same cup of coffee daily can become somewhat monotonous. What about enhancing your coffee experience and jazz up your favorite drink by pairing coffees with various foods? There are a growing number of coffee varieties to try from all over the world. Did you know that coffee has over 1500 flavor and aromatic compounds? That’s a lot and results in a multitude of possibilities flavor-wise to be found (and capitalized on) in your coffee.

With plenty of coffee offerings food choices from around the globe, finding the perfect match can be tricky. Get ready for exploring the new world of coffee and enjoying it with an ideally paired food. This won’t only make your coffee ritual more enjoyable, but will also make you open your senses and mind to unleash the possibility of finding more coffees and foods you like.

Written by Prescott Smith

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