Pumpkin Batch Single Brew Cups


This coffee features rich and creamy pumpkin notes balanced with the iconic spice blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. Tastes just like Fall in a cup!

Our Pumpkin Batch flavored coffee comes in a box with 12 single brew cups. Perfect for Keurigs and other single brew machines!

Title: Box of 12 Single Brew
Regular or Decaf: Regular

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect Pumpkin Fix

It’s April and I doubt many people are thinking about pumpkin anything but this is worth it. The smell and taste is amazing, shipping is fast, and it rivals any big name coffee out there. Support these folks!

Diane Photis
Flavored coffee winner!

I'm normally would never seek out a flavored coffee. I've tried numerous brands and usually end up wasting them. I bought these K-cups over the past holidays to expand my horizons, and was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is subtle, yet rich, and you don't feel like you're drinking cheap flavoring. I've been back to buy them a few more times, and definitely recommend you give them a try. Now on my list for a year round option!

The perfect subtle balance of spices! Pumpkin Batch is so good!

I’m not normally a flavored coffee drinker, but I tried the Pumpkin Batch flavor on a whim and it was so good!! I’m buying more!

Da BEST around!

The BEST pumpkin coffee around. I’ve tried many, but this has the best aroma and flavor. Will buy extra for the winter!


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