Lancaster Signature Blend Coffee Bag and coffee cup

If you love our Lancaster Signature blend coffee, you’re not alone. This mellow roast has been a top seller from the beginning. Every month, Lancaster County Coffee’s Starbarn blend battles it out with our Lancaster Signature blend for the top selling title.

When you look back at the history of Lancaster Signature, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a crowd favorite. In fact, we developed the blend in response to repeated requests in back kitchens by chefs for a smooth but uncompromising coffee. One recent foodie characterized Lancaster Signature blend as a “coffee drinker’s coffee.” It’s not sweet and grassy or smoky dark. Instead, it produces a well-balanced, pleasing cup of coffee that most look for and love.

Scott Smith explains, “When we roast Lancaster Signature, we have a strict flavor profile to meet. That means that we rotate the recipe seasonally using different combinations of mostly Central and South American beans.” Scott says the team continually refines the recipe to produce the best cup.

“About two years ago (around the pandemic), we adjusted it,” Scott adds. “The Lancaster Signature blend used to be a bit darker and a bit flat, but we did some experimenting with our Loring roaster that allowed us to refine our roast profile. So now it’s a bit more complex and not as dark, a little sweeter, a little milder, but still very rich and flavorful.”

Scott adds, “Lancaster Signature blend is my go-to whenever we have an initial customer tasting with a potential cafe or chef. It’s just (in my opinion) what a classic cup of coffee should be and that’s why it’s our name-sake signature blend!”


Written by Mary Mallis

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