Starbarn Continues to be the Star of the Show

Back in the 1990s, America started to develop a taste for dark-roasted coffee. As coffee houses started to pop up all over the country, more and more coffee drinkers began to appreciate the merits of full-bodied, smoky coffees, and the team at Lancaster County Coffee Roasters noticed.

“In 2003, we started offering our Starbarn beans to the trade.” says Scott Smith. “Starbarn coffee is glossy with drawn-out oils. This blend was created to meet the needs of commercial customers that wanted bold French or Italian roast, also called full city roast.”

“Almost 20 years ago, our team experimented with beans and roasts,” Smith explains. “We kept trying new beans and dark roasts, until we were able to consistently create very strong brew that stayed smooth, balanced, and full of character. We still use that blend today.” 

Starbarn is composed of Central and South American strictly hard bean single origins that rotate seasonally. The brew has sweet, sometimes spicy dark chocolate notes, without being harsh or bitter.

The blend has been wildly popular from the start, quickly becoming Lancaster County Coffee’s top-selling commercial blend, and always taking the number one or two spot each month for online sales.

People outside of the area may not be familiar with star barns. Originally, this term was used to describe a Pennsylvanian style of barn building that became popular during the gothic revival period between 1840 and 1880. These classic star barns feature a star motif near the roof peak, sometimes as a louvered ventilation window.

In recent years, other kinds of star barn have been popping up in all 50 states. Lancastrians are famous for placing Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs with stars on barns and outbuildings. But from coast to coast, many landowners now add large metal or wooden stars to barns. Most recently, wooden quilt stars have become popular features, creating a new kind of star barn for the next generation.




Written by Mary Mallis

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