Brew U: How to Make Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-Over Coffee


When it comes to pour-over coffee, we like to use a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. For example, 12 ounce (2 cup) pour-over coffee requires 340 grams of water. So, weigh out 23 grams of finely ground coffee. That's about 4.3 Tablespoons. 

However, if you prefer your coffee to be stronger, use a 1:14 ratio. Generally, any pour-over can be between 1:14-1:20 ratio, depending on how strong you like your coffee. This is all greatly subjective so feel free to extend your own liberty(s)!


To prepare and brew, start with your favorite pour-over coffee maker. Chemex is a popular brand, but there are many great options out there.

Heat up distilled or filtered water to 205°F. Grab a cone-shaped filter, place it in the pour-over cone, and lightly dampen it with hot water (coffee nerds call this pre-wetting) to prepare it for the coffee grounds. Pre-wetting allows the coffee to brew  more consistently and efficiently.

Next, select whichever coffee you would like to brew. For us, this would be our Lancaster Signature Blend. The pour-over method really highlights the smooth nuttiness and rich body of our best-selling coffee.

Next, grind it to a fine drip size (or purchase it pre-ground to a fine grind.) It should be about as fine as granulated sugar. Weigh it out the preferred amount, and then pour the ground coffee into the pre-moistened filter.


Once your water reaches 205 F, start slowly pouring it, in a circular motion, over the ground coffee. You’ll notice this will initiate a “bloom”, whereby the grounds seem to puff up and get all "sudsy" and agitated as the water drips over the grind and into the bottom vessel of the coffee maker.

Keep pouring the water slowly in a circular motion until no water remains. You may also start/stop your brewing and engage in what’s called "pulsing" your grounds  with water.  If you are doing it correctly, expect this entire process to take anywhere from three to five minutes, but it’s worth it.

A pour-over is a great way to brew if you are looking for a new way to experience the flavor profile of your favorite coffee. Best of luck and enjoy the process!


Written by Lancaster County Coffee

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