Whoopie Pie Mocha Madness

Want the flavor of whoopie pies anytime? A Whoopie Pie Mocha made with Lancaster County Coffee Roasters’ WHOOPIE PIE FLAVORED COFFEE is easy to make and will fill your house with the smell of dark, chocolatey cake.

To make one Whoopie Pie Latte, brew 1 cup of hot Whoopie Pie coffee. As the coffee brews, fill a small mason jar with about 4 tablespoons of warm milk (whole works best), secure the lid, and shake for 1 minute. Then remove the lid and microwave for 1 minute to stabilize the foam. (If you don’t have a mason jar, you can use any microwave-safe, airtight container.)

Cover the bottom of a glass cup with a bit of chocolate syrup. Remember that the Mint Chocolate Chip also has a chocolate flavor in it, so you might want to skimp a bit on the syrup.

Next, very slowly pour the hot Whoopie Pie coffee on top of the syrup, not disturbing the syrup layer. Then carefully spoon the steamed milk over the coffee layer. Next, gently spoon a dollop of sweetened whipped cream on top, and garnish with mini chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.

Written by Prescott Smith

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