Tiramisu is a delicious coffee-flavored dessert, but it can be tricky to make at home. But tiramisu COFFEE is easy! Start by whipping 4 oz of mascarpone cheese in a medium bowl for a few minutes ‘til smooth. Next, slowly add ½ cup of heavy whipping cream while continuing to whip. When the mixture is almost whipped to full volume, begin to lightly sprinkle in ½ cup of powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla, and whip for a few more seconds, until the powdered sugar is combined, and the cream is fully whipped. Generously top a cup of strongly-brewed Red Rose Espresso with the Mascarpone Whipped Cream, then sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings, and serve with ladyfingers. For special occasions, you may want to sneak in a bit of rum.
Written by Prescott Smith

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